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Sleepy Bunty Bedding

What a pretty little face! With just a quick quick glance at Bunty you can see that she gets her beauty sleep every single night. Perfect big clear eyes and a girlie smile. Even her hair looks great. Bunty prefers dreaming about joyful times with her BFF Gorby. But she likes hanging out with YOU even more, so if you catch her with her eyes closed - wake her up!

All bedding comes in three sizes: Baby: 100 x 70 cm / 45 x 40 cm - Junior: 140 x 100 cm / 45 x 40 cm - Single: 200 x 140 cm / 63 x 60 cm
Printed 100% cotton with zipper at bottom of duvet
Sleepy Bunty Bedding
Sleepy Bunty Bedding